Release Notes

Thanks so much for signing up for Otsvo in its beta stage. We have been working hard to make sure Otsvo is ready for the world. Below is a list of our latest updates.

1.5 – September 13 2021

  • Users can add stories from desktop and mobile devices
  • Post Backgrounds: max length & linebreaks
  • Post Backgrounds: Hashtags
  • Add avatars to post action titles
  • Add avatars to post action titles in groups
  • Move the email registration block/allow lists from User Limits 
  • [Classifieds] – Option to exclude ad categories from creating the activity stream
  • Don’t use full size covers on member listings
  • Add video/audio item title to listings
  • Replace the “Follow & Notify” button label with icons
  • Typo in birthday widget
  • Usage stats improvements
  • Ability to edit Post Background posts
  • Otsvo dark default CSS improvements
  • Alphabetical member sorting issues
  • Photo disappears until reload when removing the URL preview
  • Social Login interferes with third party AJAX calls
  • Setting “sold” flag breaks the view
  • Group Members don’t display properly when name styles are set to “username”
  • Security fix
  • Leaving # at the end of the post creates empty hashtags
  • Link previews from pinned posts sometimes display under other posts
  • Error not displaying after a failed upload
  • Fallback if a GIF item does not have a preview url
  • Doubled text in notification on hover
  • [Chat] People who aren’t friend can still sent messages via “new message” button
  • [Chat] Sending a message while on a group page might result in an additional empty notification
  • Human friendly timestamp handling wrong in Arabic
  • Misalignment of markdown ordered list
  • Android typing/deleting issues
  • No post content when using the RePost function
  • [Classifieds] Issues with SEO friendly links

1.4 – June 21 2021

  • New user bar 
  • New emojis 
  • Search the online community in “Global Network”
  • Click the cog next to the search bar in “Global Network” to filter search
  • Users can now select how they want their names to be displayed on their profile and in search results
  • Schedule posts
  • Users can now upload up to 1000 photos
  • New GIFs
  • Sub-menu layout improvements
  • Reporting posts
  • Location check in on posts
  • Mention connections in posts
  • GDPR compliance improvements
  • Take polls


  • Input borders/shadows issues/missing on iOS
  • Unable to reset password witch ReCaptcha 
  • Wrong notifications position in RTL
  • Unify profile cover image height on mobile
  • Different size on mobile between profile cover and group cover
  • Landing page login hidden in Landing Page

1.3 – June 10 2021

  • Postbox input/edit post input font-size
  • Password reset conflict 
  • Send group membership notifications to Managers as well as Owners


  • Sign up button is not faded/disabled on first load 
  • Unable to edit post with emoji
  • Logging out in a different tab
  • UserLimits

1.2 – May 10 2021

  • Let admins disable auto-mention on comment reply
  • Messages / Chat context menu improvements (Stage 1)


  • Improve linked videos displays
  • Dark mode improvements


  • iOS ignores the mobile zoom settings
  • Sticky sidebar spacing issues
  • Missing row breaks in lightbox captions
  • MarkDown not rendering properly in reposts
  • Missing “read” in full message view

1.1 – March 8 2021

  • Scrollable sidebars


  • Playing videos of unusual (vertical/tall) proportions
  • Text interface in lightbox is too tight


  • Datepicker conflict 
  • Text selection/cursor positioning issues on iOS
  • “No cover” rule interfering with member listings

1.0 – February 16 2021

  • Group cover image
  • User blocking
  • Choose light or dark theme for user experience
  • Allow password preview
  • Banned users are immediately logged out and can’t log back in
  • Play a sound when a message is received
  • GIF autoplay
  • Notification count to the notifications toggle icon in Otsvo UserBar
  • Do not load unnecessary scripts on frontend
  • Hashtags on video description 
  • Open photo comment notification should open comments section on mobile
  • “mark as sold” does not show up
  • Google fonts – improve adding new fonts & optimize loading
  • Switched the login and registration forms (desktop)


  • No images showing for posts
  • posting other user profile link showing own profile on the link preview
  • Wrong profile completeness value used when calculating non-core fields
  • Sticky sidebar overlaps bottom widgets
  • Blocked users layout should be two columns
  • Default log-in redirect on fresh installs should be “no redirect”
  • The image on the landing page might not be fully visible on mobile devices
  • Full cover avatar position might be out of viewport on narrow desktop screens