Lead Actor

The Outlaws of Mendocino

Male 35 – 50
John Billings

on The Outlaws of Mendocino
Paid – Daily Minimum


Production start date
September 15, 2022

Submission date
July 31, 2022

Audition location

Filming location
Los Angeles , California, United States

John, AKA “The Bloody One,” a Louisiana native and politician who loved to gamble and dress immaculately. He was part of the Oregon Blue Mountain stage robbery. War-torn, volatile, freshly hatched from prison– the most dreadful of the outlaw quintet. John is splendidly proportioned and a better-looking man one seldom sees. Deep in debt, his lenders are impatient and growing contentious. He fights with Hal over control of the outlaw gang and prefers to solve problems violently. Facial hair is welcome and preferred.

Project description
The Outlaws of Mendocino
Feature Film

Casting and seeking crew for “The Outlaws of Mendocino,” a western feature film. Synopsis: After being threatened by the almighty railroad, an impoverished preacher turns to lawbreaking to provide for his son.

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