My life as an artist/Mi vida como artista

Producer/Executive producer

on My life as an artist/Mi vida como artista


Production start date
January 15, 2023

Submission date
January 16, 2023

Audition location
Madrid, Spain

Filming location
Madrid, Spain

Producer and Executive to to take part in this project, aiming to create a TV Sitcoms. Please read description and contact nkerman72@gmail.com for more information! The screenplay is complete and ready to be transported to the next level of production.

Project description
My life as an artist/Mi vida como artista
TV Mini-Series

STORY LINE: Helen is the main character. She is a 40 year old, beautiful but naive young woman. On her 40th birthday, something strange happens to her. She makes a toast with a glass of wine but then suddenly she realizes that she can see horns and wings on some people, including her husband who has two small horns on his head. It always happens to her if she takes one glass of wine. Only wine and nothing else. She can see who is The Devil or The Angle. Who is bad or good. Terrified and disgust of herself by knowing that she was living happily with The Devil during all these years, flees to her father’s house, Harry. Harry is married to their maid Ana, a young woman from Rumania. Helen’s mother died some years ago. Helen wants to change her life radically and do what she always wanted to do, to be an actress, an artist. We see how she struggles to get what she wants and how disappointing everything is for her day by day. It’s written in English and Spanish.

To apply for this job email your details to nkerman72@gmail.com