Supporting Female

Depth of Time

Female 20 – 40
Dr. Luna

on Depth of Time


Production start date
August 1, 2023

Submission date
September 1, 2022

Audition location

Filming location
United States

Dr. Luna Vance is the most wanted fugitive The New European Union has ever had on their list. She is a highly skilled hacker, known as Dr. Luna, that has been able to steal from the Mad King himself. She became widely known by the press when “she did it again” and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Mad King and gave it to those who needed it most. She is untraceable and when it comes to best in the business, she is your woman Also, what comes with the territory is that she would rob you blind without so much as a second glance. No one knows her backstory, where she currently is, or even whose side of the war she is on, but, she is highly valuable to the Underground Rebellion.

Project description
Depth of Time
Feature Film

Lives become whispers. Whispers become rumors. Rumors become stories. Stories become myths. Myths become legends. Legends hold the mysterious truths the world may never learn. In 1918 the murder of the Russian royal family was all anyone could talk about. What was once the world’s greatest mystery turned into a story of hope that a brave princess was able to escape a horrific death. A hope that the Underground, a rebellion to the new European Union, was built on. Anastasia Romanov was sent spiraling through space and time to the year 2020 where the German led European Union rules the war-driven world. Unable to return to her own time she is forced to watch thousands of innocents die leading Anastasia to become the leader she was born to be.

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