Lead Actor


Male 8 – 10
Ephraim Pease



Production start date
September 10, 2022

Submission date
August 1, 2022

Audition location

Filming location
Southold, New York, United States

Pacific Islander, Asian

The producing team is specifically looking for a child actor of Filipino/Pacific Islander or Asian ethnicity only to portray the central character of “Ephraim” in ‘CASTLEMONT.’ The age of the character in the story is 8. Ephraim in the story is an adopted child raised by foster parents. He connected mostly with his dead father who was a failed screenwriter. He struggles to connect with his cold and stern mother, Allison Pease. During the summer of 1999, Ephraim forges a friendship with his babysitter, Elaine Fusey while his mother is away on business. They both share/exchange personal moments of loneliness, pain & sadness. Movies are Ephraim’s salvation and they give him a sense of purpose in life while he copes with his parents’ divorce and ultimately the loss of his father, Rick Pease. Ephraim discovers an appreciation of 1930s movies (Universal monster movies) with the aid of his deceased dad and learns some helpful tips to deal with his mother through the support of Elaine.

Project description

“Castlemont’ film follows a grieving 8-year-old Filipino boy named Ephraim who is resistant to his mother’s attempts to raise him in the wake of his father’s untimely death. Their frail bond is repeatedly tested as circumstances arise and choices are made. Everything changes when Ephraim meets his new babysitter, Elaine who guides him in the right direction. Ephraim recalls the life lessons he learned from his deceased father about love, forgiveness, grace, and the cinematic arts. This will be a heavy, emotional, and dark drama and is a personal film/semi-autobiographical. The film will be set during the Summer of 1999.

To apply for this job email your details to coldmoon.info@gmail.com