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Bad Liar

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Production start date
May 8, 2023

Submission date
July 17, 2022

Audition location

Filming location
Vancouver , Washington, United States


Project description
Bad Liar
Feature Film

Based on a True Story. The story starts in 5th grade as the main character struggles with starting ABA therapy. Then continues into 6th grade where the main characters starts gaining his footing and into 8th grade where it starts to fall apart again.The story continues into his high school years as he is finally able to make friends and is able to break out of his shell. Continuing to his sophomore year where he continues to gain confidence and is able to continuing making friends which is something he couldn’t have done in his younger years. Finally in his Junior year everything starts to unravel with his friends ditching him but ends up making new ones while joining the track team but having that fall apart when the coronavirus lockdowns begin. However the film ends on a hopeful note when the main character realizes what his future holds.

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