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A Forest Dark

Male 25 – 35
Robert Daniels

on A Forest Dark
Paid – 400


Production start date
September 23, 2022

Filming location
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I’d have spent the rest of our lives making this up to her. Instead she’s dead. She’s dead and it’s my fault.” Robert Daniels is a flawed but loving man. While prideful and occasionally quick to anger, he is ultimately a kind soul. When the unthinkable happens and his wife is tragically murdered, he finds himself lost in a dark forest of his own grief, guilt, and pain. Blaming himself for the death of his wife, Trixie, after hating himself for over a year he finally attempts to end it all. Saved by paramedics, he must endure a 72 hour psych hold while being treated by the renowned Dr. Virgil. Will Dr. Virgil guide him into the light or will Robert surrender and end it all?

Project description
A Forest Dark

A Forest Dark is a character study about one of the worst things anyone can experience: grief. What does it look like when the worst possible thing that could happen does happen? It follows the story of Daniel Roberts as he attempts to work through his pain and survivors guilt after the tragic loss of the love of his life

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