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Messaging & Chats

To create the group chat with multiple connections, navigate to the messages page using any of the envelope icons.

In the top right corner, there will be a “New message” button.

Press this button and the window to add recipients will show up.

Select users you want to start the chat with, write your message and send it.
They will all receive the message in the group conversation.

Category: Messaging & Chats

Users may not always be comfortable with getting messages from entire community and may decide that only their connections can send them new messages.

Users can adjust this setting by going to their profile, then clicking on “About” button and switching to “Preferences” tab.

At the very bottom of the page, there will be multiple options regarding messaging behavior. Checking the “Allow new messages only from friends ” will take effect immediately and only friends will be able to send messages to that user.

Category: Messaging & Chats

Initiating a new chat is possible through different locations on Otsvo.

User Profile

Most commonly, chat can be initiated by clicking on the message icon in user profile

Members List

Users can also start the chat from the connections tab or members tab

Inbox / Messages

You can access all your messages by clicking any of the envelope icons

Category: Messaging & Chats