If you use Otsvo Inc.’s brand as part of any type of contest, promotion, or sweepstakes, you are responsible for ensuring that any promotion complies with all legal requirements.

Legal requirements for promotions can vary in different locations. With that in mind, be sure to get the professional guidance of a lawyer or other experts to ensure you won’t violate any applicable laws.

Otsvo Inc. does not accept responsibility or liability in any way if you choose to use any of Otsvo’s products or services as part of your promotions. 


  • Use any of our products’ or services’ names, trademarks, logos, or other intellectual property except as necessary to comply with these Promotions Rules 
  • Encourage illegal or illicit behavior 
  • Encourage spam-like behavior
  • Alter our logo in any way. This includes but is not limited to changing the colors or adding graphics to our logo
  • Violate or encourage others to violate our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, or Privacy Policy.


Brand Rules
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